StockCheck XLS Asset Management

StockCheck XLS StockCheck XLS is powerful and flexible software for RFID-based asset management. It is well suited for tracking fixed assets in your business including computers, laptops, monitors, equipment, tools, furniture, books and documents. Take inventory easily - hundreds of items in minutes.

StockCheck runs on handheld RFID readers and on PCs. It reads and writes Excel spreadsheet .XLS files (Excel not required) and works easily with any of your own data (serial numbers, barcodes, descriptions, locations, formulas, etc). You can use worksheets to organize items in any manner that is convenient for you (e.g. by category or location).


For handhelds: Tag/item location, desktop synchronization with ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC).


Online help files for StockCheck XLS are available at:


We've done a short review of the Convergence CS101, Motorola MC3090-Z, and MC9090-G RFID readers.


A trial version of StockCheck is available. We can also provide the equipment and tags with competitive pricing and excellent support! We have starter kits if needed, and we can be reached at


StockCheck - hardware supported

CSL 101 Tracient Padl-R Alien 9650 MC3090-Z MC9090-G XR450
Tracient Padl-R
All Alien Motorola



Coming Soon - Stock Check DB Asset Management

StockCheck DB Similar in function to StockCheck XLS but with a local database cache on a handheld reader that can operate independently and disconnected from a backend database.

  • Synchronize the databases easily and on demand.
  • Includes a "separate by property" feature that will divide the items across multiple tab pages based on the contents of a database column (such as location or category). You can then work with the items in groups with these properties.



Coming Soon - Check In / Check Out Manager

Check In / Check Out Manager
Manage check ins & check outs of tools, equipment, documents, books, etc. Will work with any OPOS-compatible barcode scanner or these RFID readers:
SkyeTek SkyeReader SR70 Tracient Padl-R
SkyeTek SR70,
Sirit ID3100
Tracient Padl-R
We've done a short review of the Sirit ID3100, Sense 1882, and Alien ALR-9650 desktop RFID readers.



We are CompTIA RFID+ certified